4" Variegated 'Baby Rubberplant' Peperomia Obtusifolia

** PLEASE NOTE- this item only available locally. We WILL NOT SHIP! It can be hand delivered within 10 mile radius of the shop. NO SHIPPING available**

Comes in an 4" plastic nursery pot. These are lovely, easy to care for plants. Over time these fill out and get tall and bushy. Much like their namesake, these peperomia closely resemble a Ficus Rubber Tree except for their much rounder and more succulent leaves. 

This plant prefers medium to bright indirect sunlight. Great for North or East facing windows. Keep out of direct sun rays. Water when dry- typically 1 -1.5 weeks.

Check out our available pots. If you buy a plant and pot and would like us to pot it for you, just drop us a note in your order.

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