6" String of Pearls


These are a little more tricky than most plants to care for, but not impossible. And the  rewards are spectacular.

comes in 6" hanging plastic nursery pot. They are all blooming right now! The blooms smell lovely like roses. 

these succulents like a bright partial to direct sun. Water when the soil dries out completely, about 1.5-2 weeks. Careful not to overwater your succulents, as they store their own water. The trick to watering these- water from the bottom. Fill a bowl with water and set the plant in the bowl to drink up water from the bottom. When these plants are watered from the top, the "pearls" often get saturated and mold and rot in the excess water. We recommend feeling the "pearls" and when they become just a wee bit wrinkly- it's about time to water. 

Check out our available pots. If you buy a plant and pot and would like us to pot it for you, just drop us a note in your order.

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