Passport Wallet- Horsey Print on Brown Leather

Regular price $46.00
Born out of necessity, this passport wallet is perfect for travel and just right for everyday too! When you're not traveling with your passport, use the extra space for cash or receipts. Passport slides perfectly in the pocket and wallet is still a very manageable size.

This wallet is made from brown medium weight leather.  There are 2 card slots inside which would fit about 2-3 cards per slot (plus leather stretches). There is a pocket to slide a passport in and opposite of that is another pocket to store cash. This wallet does not have a coin area.   

**The inside is made from scrap and reclaimed leather and the colors may vary from wallet to wallet**

Closes with a nickel snap.             

Measures: 5.57 inches tall x 4 inches wide when it is closed.

Hand printed leather sewn on industrial machines with nylon bonded thread.

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