Mounted Stag Horn Fern to hang on the Wall


so lovely to hang on the wall and add some greenery to your space. These have been hand created by Appetite. Our mom has crocheted the beautiful jute fiber cradle and we've mounted in to a board and planted some lovely stag horn ferns in it.

Ferns need quite a bit of attention and love. Do NOT let it get dry. Mist every day- check water level every day. May need to be watered about every 2 days for optimal health. 

They prefer medium to bright indirect sun. They enjoy having consistently moist but not soggy soil. And they LOVE humidity. Mist often or use a humidifier. The key to this is to not water the "nest" area which is in the center of the plant; instead water the soil around the plant. Take the whole board to the sink. Run water along the board to wet the soil, make sure your water flow is light to avoid losing soil from the pocket. Water until soil is wet throughout. Let drain and rehang on your wall. 

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