Are you or someone you know sprouting a green thumb? A plant subscription is the perfect gift for the beginner plant lover, a seasoned enthusiast or even yourself!  Appetite's Plant of the Month Club delivers a potted, easy-care plant right to you or your recipient's doorstep each month.

Each month during your subscription, we'll hand-select a different and beautiful plant, pair it with a ceramic planter, lovely basket, or handmade fabric plant bucket and deliver them to you or your recipient with detailed care instructions. If you have a colorway preference or see a specific pot on the site you love, please let us know! Otherwise we will curate a selection for you (don't worry, we have great taste!). 

**Sorry, this club is currently only available in the Portland, Oregon area**


Choose the length of subscription

• Our 6 month option will include 6 potted plants-ranging in size from 3”-7”, delivered the first week of each month to your door

***For Christmas gifting, we're offering to deliver the first month's plant the week of Christmas instead of the first week of January.  Please let us know if you'd like the special December delivery.

We also offer a 3 month subscription 

Choose a light option

We will select a collection of plants best suited to the light option you specify, from LOW - MEDIUM -BRIGHT


Order by the 25th of the month for delivery beginning the following month. You will receive an email confirmation of order. 

If this is a gift, at checkout, choose 'delivery' and enter the recipient's address in the 'shipping' details at checkout.  You will receive a gift confirmation email with details of the subscription that you can forward to the recipient.


Your subscription will consist of 6 potted plants that coordinate with the light option you choose.  Each month you will receive a delivery of one potted plant from that collection, generally on the first Tuesday or Friday of the month.  The plant will vary in size and type each month, for example-the first month plant might be a 7" potted plant, the second month plant may be a 4" potted plant and the third month may be a 5" potted plant.  We will stick to a consistent colorway for the pots to ensure your "Plant of the Month Club" collection looks amazing together in your space.  Each plant will also come with detailed care instructions and we are always available to answer any plant care questions. 

**please note, the photos are examples of the options we may provide, not actual representations of the plants and pots you will receive, if you would like to curate your own collection, we would be happy to help you by phone or email.